How it works

It all starts with the 1st step.



Call, Text, Email or even Facebook message me to discuss your wedding and what you want. If all is OK, book as soon as you can to ensure I’m free for your special day.



Meet up usually 2 weeks before to discuss your day. Go through the planning and timings of the day and any special situations I need to be aware of. Sometimes it is relevant to arrange to meet up at the venue for the “dress rehearsal” and speak to the people running your wedding to ensure we are aware of any restrictions they may have. And a chance for everyone to check their SatNav systems.

Shoot the wedding

Shoot the wedding

With a plan of ideas and a structured list of formal and “must have” photographs I shoot all the key points of your wedding plus more as the situations present themselves. All as quickly and efficiently as possible as to keep the natural flow of your special day. And all this with the minimum of fuss and not standing in the way of your guests. I don’t leave guests with the view of my back as we hear “you may know kiss the bride”



Once you have all of your pictures presented to you on a CD or USB you can then start the task of sorting through the pictures and finding you favourites or put together in an album. We can help with advice or offer album, picture book packages or even a canvas. Just ask.

Normally (unless you request us not to) we will put your photos in our shop for friends and family to purchase high quality photographs and more.


Who we are

Who will  you meet

About Me
About Me Too
About Me

About Me

Me Myself and I
I have been a photographer since I was about 9. I took pictures on a school trip and they came out rather well and from that point I have never stopped enjoying photography.
I have been a wedding photographer for a long time. My first paid wedding I shot and developed all the images myself when I was 17 in my bedroom and my parent’s bathroom.
This lead to my education always having a photographic edge. Finishing at Paddington College London, I was one of two 16 year olds with the talent that allowed me to enter. The majority of students being over 21.
Many years later and I have the happy job of capturing photographs at a couple’s happiest day. Using a photojournalist approach to capture the lighter moments of the wedding as well as the formal photographs everyone expects.

*photo By Marina

About Me Too

About Me Too

I am a portrait photographer, But I like to work more outdoors than in a studio.
Born in the Ukraine, moved to Germany for a year then moved to England. I love to travel and see new parts of Europe and America
In my work I like to show the other things that are going on. When that uncle is not paying attention, or something happens that makes others laugh I will be shooting those laughing to capture the happiness. Seeing the details in preparation that is very important to a mum but no one else .
I live in Sittingbourne, Kent. I see a lot of the local areas with fresh eyes with interesting cities like Rochester and Canterbury so close.


*Photo By Philip


Youseee Photography went above & beyond with our wedding. Battling all different weather conditions, the photographers Phil & his helping hand Lisa made us all feel comfortable around the camera and they blended in with the wedding party. Phil had made sure that every picture we wanted was taken.

Had multiple meetings with Phil beforehand who had been consistent throughout and was contactable at any time.

Phil went to see the bride in the wedding morning and Lisa came to my dad’s to take pictures there. (Which is what the bride wanted)

Would thoroughly recommend Phil & his team.
Thank You Phil & Lisa

Love Mr & Mrs Tipton

Joe & Nichola

Joe & Nichola

We used youseee photography for our wedding in May 2014 and highly recommend them. We have lots of beautiful natural shots to treasure from our special day. Phil and Marina are great at what they do, and very professional so that it didn’t feel like an intrusion during the ceremony and wedding breakfast. Many of our guests commented on their professionalism and ability to put even the most nervous at ease. We have since used the guys for a baby photoshoot when our son was born, and will continue to book them for many more years to come

Joe & Natasha

Joe & Natasha

We received an excellent service at our wedding. Super photos of our ceremony and formal photos at our reception. Phil really captured the mood of the day and provided us with wonderful memories for years to come. We especially love the photo of all our guests – fitting 200 in was no mean feat!! Thanks,

Amanda & Paul

Amanda & Paul
Fantastic wedding photos, thank you youseee and Phil Howard and his team for the brilliant candid and staged, group shots. Made the process easy and took the weight off our shoulders of worrying about our photo’s so we could enjoy our wedding day. Professional at all times and took the time before the wedding to go through and plan the shot and what we would like from the shots. Was always on hand to take extra shot’s that were not planned and also added some amazing spontaneous natural shots of the day of all involved which was a lovely surprise when going through them afterwards. Highly recommended and made our special day a day we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Thank you

Mark & Mandy

Mark & Mandy

What we use.

In an age where what you had today will be 10x better tomorrow there are standards you have to keep to ensure our gear is able to keep up with the photographers.

All my zoom lenses are canon L series famous for quality and durability along with my ever changing camera. The resolution and quaintly from cameras is moving so fast I have too as well.

I use Adobe Photoshop CC which is continually upgraded as new versions come.

I normally give a DVD or USB of all the finished pictures to clients in a presentation case. No hidden charges. No worries. Once you have booked and paid for your wedding there will not be another bill to remove copyright logos form you picture. Just all you would expect. All your pictures ready to go!



  • GBP599/

    Package 1

    • Ceremony and groups venue
    • 50 pictures of the key moments
    • Pictures for you on a memory stick.
  • GBP799.00/

    Package 2

    • As Package 1 plus:
    • Second photographer
    • Pictures at your reception
    • Total of about 150 pictures
  • GBP900.00/

    Package 3

    • As Package 1 and 2 plus:
    • Pictures of bride getting ready
    • Best man & groom at the church
    • Photographs of the whole day
    • 400 to 600+ pictures

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